Change your daily life
with LG U+
LG U+ puts you first when offering various
convenient mobile services.
We feature customer-tailored mobile plans,
cellphone deals, and other differentiated services,
and provide you with leading content in the 5G
service market.
We will continue to offer mobile services
recognized both locally and internationally by
putting you first.
Make your life fun and
convenient with LG U+
LG U+ offers various home services to make your
day at home more convenient and exciting.
Try our services, such as the ‘U+ Kids,’ an IPTV
service for kids that ranks no. 1 in customer
satisfaction; ‘Netflix’ made available on IPTV for the first time in Korea; and ‘U+ Smart Home’ that enables you to switch your home devices on using voice recognition.
We promise to offer various services that can satisfy
you through continuous research and
LG U+'s exclusive technology
improves customer value
and its competence.
As Korea's first data communication service provider, LG U+ takes pride in leading the 5G service
sector for business customers.
With a goal of customer satisfaction, we will always
listen to our customers and provide what they