Make your life fun and convenient with LG U+

LG U+ offers various home services to make your day at home more convenient and exciting.
Try our services such as the ‘U+ Kids,’ an IPTV service for kids that ranks no. 1 in customer
satisfaction; ‘Netflix’ made available on IPTV for the first time in Korea; and ‘U+ Smart Home’ that
enables you to turn on your home devices by voice.
We will continue to offer various services that can satisfy our customers through continuous
research and development.

LGU⁺ Disney+ IPTV exclusive, only at U⁺ Video

Disney+ IPTV exclusive, only at U⁺!

Enjoy high-definition content
perfect for the whole family

Regardless of your age, you can find anything from the full
range of our content and enjoy it in high resolution by using
our ultrahigh-speed Internet.

Fast, stable and unlimited
ultrahigh speed Internet

You can enjoy ultrahigh-resolution content at
a maximum speed of 10 Gbps without interruption
at any place in your home.

  • The service speed and benefits vary depending on the plan.
  • Maximum speed of
    10 Gbps

  • CLOVA Clock+,
    the smart home speaker

  • No charges for
    the Wi-Fi router

  • Prevention of access to
    harmful websites and

Activate home devices with
mobile apps or voice recognition

You can improve your quality of life by easily controlling your
devices according to your daily routine anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy self-installation

    • My Home Keeper Easy
  • Turn on your devices
    by voice

  • Automatically turn on
    your devices based on
    your daily routine

  • Enhance your
    home security