Change your daily life with LG U+

LG U+ strives to provide convenient and diverse services by putting customers first.
As a leading company in the 5G communication, we provide various plans and services that suit
your lifestyle and offer a full range of content so that you can enjoy our services.
We will continue to offer mobile services that are recognized both locally and internationally
with our unique knowledge and skills.

Galaxy S23, Completing Galaxy Life with U+!

Galaxy S23, Completing Galaxy Life with U+!

Watch your favorite content
in various ways

You can watch the content from a different point of view and in clear zoom-in mode.
You can keep enjoying your favorite content across your phone and TV anytime.

Enjoy immersive,
high-resolution videos
that are close to reality

With LG U+'s state-of-the-art VR and AR technology
that enhances immersion, you can experience various virtual
realities beyond the spatial limitations.

Play games anytime, anywhere
without downloading.

LG U+ Cloud service guarantees you can enjoy high graphics games
across your phone, PC, and IPTV.