HR System

We are committed to creating a positive organization where employees reach their full potential.
LG U+'s diverse development programs help its employees to realize their dreams.
Our benefits and rewards program ensures that employees gain the recognition they deserve according to merit, performance, and achievements.

LGu+'s talent 
            PASSION: A challenger with a dream and passion to strive to be the best in the world,
            INNOVATION: A relentless innovator who puts customers first,
            ORIGINALITY: A self-starter with creativity who can work as a team,
            COMPETITION: A person who competes fairly by constantly cultivation skills

Human resources development system

With support for personal growth and development, our employees are able to become experts and leaders.
New recruits in Sales or Customer Service are welcome to a career path that could potentially lead to high positions as consultants or experts in the future.

The talent development system is divided into four areas: operation experts, office clerks, sales experts, and telecommunication counsulting experts.
            1. Operations experts can start as division members and grow into general
            commander or executives, and the detailed talent development system is as follows.
            1) Division member → Commander → General commander
            2) Division member → Division Leader → Office clerks → Team leader → Executive
            2. Office clerks can grow from team members to business leaders, function leaders,
            and experts. The detailed talent development system is as follows.
            1) Team Member → Leader → Business leaders or Function Leader
            2) Team member → Expert
            3. Sales experts can grow into executives starting with FM, and the detailed talent
            development system is as follows.
            1) FM → Channel Manager/Shop manager → Office Clerks → Sales Team Leader →
            4. Telecommunications counseling experts can start as consultant and grow into
            customer center CEOs. The detailed talent development system is as follows.
            1) Consultant → Team Leader/QAA → Consultant Manager → Center Manager →
            Customer Center CEO
  • CFO(Chief Financial Office), CHO(Chief Human Resources Officer)

Competent Employee Support Program

LG U+ provides an in-house training and career development program for the growth of our employees.
The in-house training program includes not only basic education but also job and skills training so that our employees may become experts in every field.
The career development program supports employees to build their careers and capabilities in line with their growth plans.
LG U+ will continue to advance a corporate culture that values talent so that employees remain satisfied.

In-house training program

Basic Education & Training - We provide step-by-step education programs that help our employees achieve growth within the organization, Job/Skills Training - Employees have the option to receive necessary training for their fields., Leadership Training - We offer capacity-building training to cultivate leaders and instill pertinent leadership skills.

Career Development Program(CDP)

We provide systematic support so employees continue to build skill sets and careers according to their visions.

1. Establish a career development plan, 2. Provide opportunities for job rotation, 3. Coaching and mentoring

Evaluation / Rewards

LG U+ conducts fair and objective performance evaluations. We provide personal development opportunities and rewards based on individual performance.

Establish growth objectives based on prior performance, Monitor progress regularly and provide feedback
Adjustment of annual salary, Incentives, Performance-based pay
Career development
Assign positions according to skills, Establish career plans, Provide one-on-one counseling for personal development

Welfare Benefits

LG U+ diverse welfare benefits in place to boost the work morale and improve the life values of employees.

Welfare Benefits : Vacation & Personal Leave, Telecommunication fees, Residential / Life support, Medical support, Multi points, Self-development / Leisure activities, Corporate product discount
Vacation & Personal Leave
  • Annual paid holidays Refresh vacation system
  • Expenditures/vacation for
    commendations and condolences
  • Maternity support: Time-off for checkups during
    pregnancy, time-off before/after delivery, maternity/
    paternity leave, shortened working hours during early
    parenting period, etc.
Telecommunication fees
  • Funding of communication costs
    (Funds a maximum of KRW 660,000 annually in the case of
    the Customer Center)
Residential / Life support
  • Support for children's tuition fees
  • Child birth celebration program
  • Child's school entrance celebration program
  • In-house childcare center
Medical support
  • Support for general checkup
  • Support for medical expenses
  • Psychological counseling center
Multi points
  • Provision of 2.2 million points throughout a year
    (Following KRW 1 per point, 360,000 points are provided
    annually in the case of the Customer Center.)
Self-development / Leisure activities
  • Support for tuition fee
  • Discount on resort facilities
  • In-house fitness center
  • Operation of informal groups (clubs)
  • Support for sports tickets (baseball, soccer, etc.)
Corporate product discount
  • Discount with LG Family Card
  • Online shopping mall exclusive for employees