LG U+ Culture

LG U+ practices five key activities as follows for a fun and dynamic corporate culture so its employees can take the initiative and grow at work and finally get recognized by customers for their efforts.

First, “In a horizontal culture of mutual respect and no need to walk on eggshells,”
Second, “We aim at a reporting culture to give a report based on the key point.”
Third, “Through a smart culture of conference where every member participates in,”
Fourth, “We bring results with a close collaboration culture.”
Fifth, “We build a learning culture that helps members and the company grow into an expert together.”

Communication with the Management

We have strived to create a fun and dynamic organization via a two-way communication channel, where the management and members can fully understand each other.
From 2021, we have conducted the online town hall meeting ‘Meet and Share’ that the CEO and member participate in regularly. We also run the ‘Reverse Mentoring’ program,
holding a session for the CEO and the key management members to team up with the new employees to understand the MZ generation's values and lifestyles.

  • CEO Town Hall Meeting
  • Reverse Mentoring

New Ways of Working

We have introduced a ‘collaboration tool,’ a real-time integrated communication platform for easy and fast collaborative work, such as work-related chatting,
video conference meetings, document sharing, and common editing.
To enable team cooperation even while telecommuting, work progress and feedback are shared in real time. As an agile organization, we also work hard to listen to
customer feedback and respond to the rapidly changing market situation.

Positive Corporate Culture

We run the ‘U+ Bibimbap’ program to facilitate communication between departments and in-house club activities and select a Change Agents (CA) every year to spread
the organizational culture. Our ‘Compliment Campaign’ saves KRW 1,000 for each email message that contains a compliment to a colleague and donates hearing aids for children with hearing impairment, while the ‘Best DNA Award’ is held to recognize projects with outstanding performances. Through these programs, we are fostering an organizational culture in which employees compliment and recognize each other.
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been holding various contact-free events, such as gifts for quarantined members, lucky number drawings, and year-end get-togethers,
via real-time broadcasting and online channels to revitalize the organization.

  • Contact-Free Lucky Number Drawings
  • Contact-Free Year-End Get-Together

Work-Life Balance

We are conducting the ‘Happy Family’ programs, such as birthday gifts, parents invitation event, Family Month event, and Smart Working Day that permits employees
to leave an hour earlier on the second and third Wednesdays of the month. In addition, a counseling service and U+ Happiness Meditation are offered nationwide for
mental well-being, while a fitness center and massage spots at the Yongsan office promote physical well-being. Furthermore, the computer shutdown system also
ensures that everyone leaves the office at reasonable times to promote a healthy work-life balance.

  • Parents' Day Event
  • Family Month Staycation Kit