Annual General Meeting

LG Uplus 28th Annual General Meeting

  • Date and time of meeting: March 21th, 2024 9AM
  • Place of meeting: B2 Auditorium, LG Uplus YongSan Head Office (Hangang daero 32, Yongsan-gu, Seoul)
Annual General Meeting : No, Items, Result, Approval rate
No Items Result Approval rate
Item 1 Approval of the 28th Financial Statements Approved 94.1%
Item 2 Approval of Change in Articles of Incorporation Approved 99.6%
Item 3 Appointment of Directors (Inside Director, Hwang Hyun-sik) Approved 92.2%
Item 4 Appointment of an Independent Director to be an Audit Committee Member(Kim Jong Woo) Approved 94.7%
Item 5 Approval of Remuneration Limit for Directors Approved 99.3%
  • Number of Shares attended : 334,707,268
  • Number of shares and attendace rate, excluding the largest shareholders and related persons : 170,284,893(39.6%)

Right to present shareholder proposals

  • Shareholders holding at least over 0.5% of the total number of issued and outstanding voting shares for at least six months may propose agendas for general meetings of shareholders by submitting a written statement or electronic document at least six weeks prior to the meeting.
  • The Board cannot refuse and must present the agenda at the general meeting of shareholders, unless the proposed agenda would violate laws or the Articles of Incorporation or is relevant to the cases described in the presidential decrees of the Commercial Code.
  • When requested by the shareholder, the details of the proposed agenda item shall be stated in the notice of the meeting and the shareholder shall be given an opportunity to explain the agenda during the meeting.