Annual General Meeting

LG Uplus 27th Annual General Meeting

  • Date and time of meeting: March 17th, 2023 9AM
  • Place of meeting: B2 Auditorium, LG Uplus YongSan Head Office
Annual General Meeting : No, Items, Result, Approval rate
No Items Result Approval rate
Item 1 Approval of the 27th Financial Statements Approved 90.9%
Item 2 Approval of Change in Articles of Incorporation Approved 99.9%
Item 3 Appointment of Directors (3 Directors)
Item 3-1 Appointment of Inside Director, Yeo Myung-hee Approved 97.6%
Item 3-2 Appointment of Outside Director, Yoon Sung-soo Approved 93.1%
Item 3-3 Appointment of Outside Director, Eom Yoon-mi Approved 97.9%
Item 4 Appointment of Audit Committee Members (2 Members)
Item 4-1 Appointment of Audit Committee Member, Yoon Sung-soo Approved 87.0%
Item 4-2 Appointment of Audit Committee Member, Eom Yoon-mi Approved 97.2%
Item 5 Approval of Remuneration Limit for Directors Approved 99.7%
  • Number of Shares attended: 346,610,460
  • Number of shares and attendance rate, excluding the largest shareholders and related persons: 182,188,085 (42.4%)