Corporate Governance
LG U+’s efforts to improve its corporate governance
Practice responsible management and improve the efficiency of the Board of Directors
  • We have composed the Board of Directors of top experts in each field to make comprehensive management decisions with a long-term perspective in the rapidly changing IT industry. Our outside directors are experts in management, electrical and electronics, and law and objectively supervise and advise on the activities of executive directors and management.
Enhance management transparency
  • All four outside directors at LG U+ are members of the Audit Committee. We are striving to realize ethics management through vigorous audits. For audits and management consultation, we have an ethics management officer who operates as an independent organization responsible for ethics management under the direct control of the CEO. We have also appointed an external consulting specialist and external auditor to conduct thorough business and accounting audits based on the annual audit plan. In addition, we conduct frequent audits based on LG U+ ethical management and operate a reporting system, monitoring, and the Ethics Management Committee.
Internal control and risk management
  • We have an internal accounting management system to effectively control risks such as errors and fraud in accounting information, appoint a compliance officer, and establish and operate a compliance control system to handle various legal violations. In addition, our Chief Risk Management Officer (CRO) and Chief Safety Executive Officer (CSEO) manage non-financial risks in an integrated manner.
Continuously improve IR activities and corporate governance
  • We provide fast and accurate information on the company's business performance and communication strategy to investors in Korea, investment groups in other countries, and analysts. In addition, we are actively engaged in IR activities, such as providing customized information according to investor preferences. We are continuously striving to improve corporate governance.
The corporate governance structure of LG U+
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List of Directors
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Information on the operation of the Board of the Directors
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Information on the operation of the Audit Committee
Information on the operation of the Internal Transaction Compliance Committee
Information on the operation of the ESG Committee
Information on the operation of the Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee
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Information on the operation of the Finance Committee
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Guidelines on Independent Directors' Independence
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Guidelines on Expertise and Diversity of the Board of Directors
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Corporate Governance Assessment
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Differences in Corporate Governance Codes
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