About LG U+
Established on July 11, 1996, LG U+ has since strived to create meaningful changes in customers' lives.
We have been steadily developing telecommunications services, combined plans of high-speed Internet, VoIP, and IPTV services, various solutions,
and data services. In 2012, as the first in the world, we established a nationwide LTE network with super high-speed services of the highest quality.
Continuing into the era of 5G and IoT, LG U+ will generate new values that bring leisure, happiness, and convenience to customers' lives.
Business Areas
We classify our business areas into ‘Mobile,’ ‘Home,’ and ‘Corporate’ based on the type of customers served.
Each business area offers innovatively fixed and wireless services based on optimized networks and is dedicated to developing high-quality and high-standard content to provide differentiated value to customers.
  • Mobile
    LG U+ that leads the 5G era is providing high-quality
    services that could change your daily lives in various
    fields, such as sports, games, entertainment, shopping,
    and health, speed, and security.
  • Home
    Our home service has achieved growth, centering on the
    Internet protocol television (IPTV) and Internet phone
    services. The easy-to-use service provides diverse living
    information to maximize customer convenience.
  • Corporate
    With outstanding technologies and infrastructure,
    we are running e-Biz, Internet data center (IDC) and telecommunications line, and equipment rental businesses. By creating an ideal business environment for our corporate customers, we contribute to their success.
  • Business Direction
    We plan to provide various media content, as well as services
    and plans for customer convenience.
  • Business Direction
    We will concentrate on building our capacity to develop and
    provide differentiated products and convenient services that can enhance customer value.
  • Business Direction
    We plan to develop intelligence solutions that help increase
    work efficiency and productivity and provide services that will lead the industrial IoT sector.
LG U+ Business Locations
LG U+ carries out various tasks, including planning and execution of mobile, home, and corporation businesses, as well as management of network and sales network,
based on the headquarters located in Yongsan and responds to customer inquiries related to the subscription, installation, and use of service through mobile customer service
centers and home customer service centers located throughout the country.
In addition, LG U+ operates 12 IDCs (Internet Data Centers) throughout the country, including Seoul and Gyeonggi-do Province, to offer stable infrastructure and integrated
customer support service to individual and corporate customers. In particular, Pyeongchon Mega Center, located in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do Province, is Asia’s largest and global
MW-class super modular datacenter that has acquired the Uptime Tier III certification for the first time among domestic IDC by providing recognized stable and high-quality, uninterrupted 24/7 service.
사업장 현황 : 사업장 현황에 대한 표
LG U+ Headquarters
Magok Office
Sangam Office
Business support such as planning and execution of mobile communication, smart home, corporate communication businesses,
and management of network and sales network
LG U+ Pyeongchon
Mega Center
Asia's largest and global MW-class super modular datacenter with 24/7 service provides stable infrastructure and integrated
customer support service
Subsidiary Status
LG U+ is engaged in wireless, home, and corporate service businesses.
With our optimal network, we are providing various telecommunication services and quality content to enhance customer benefits.
  • Representative Subsidiaries:
    Total of nine subsidiaries
  • LG Hello Vision
    LG Hello Vision
    Cable Broadcasting
    Service Provider
  • mediaLog
    MVNO and Multimedia
    Content Provider
  • DACOM Crossing
    DACOM Crossing
    Domestic NSP and International
    Broadband Circuit Provider
  • A-in │CS LEADER │
    CS ONE Partner
    A-in │CS LEADER │CS ONE Partner
    Call Center and Telemarketing
    Service Provider