Jeong-do Management
Jeong-do Management is our unique behavioral mode that we follow when practicing our management principles and fundamental values.
LG U+ has been performing Jeong-do Management that enables constant capability development and fair competition based on ethical management.
Jeong-do Management - Customer-Value Creation: Honest to Customers. Improves capabilities through constant innovation to provide better value. People-Oriented Management: Providing Equal Opportunities. Treats fairly according to abilities and achievements.
Three Elements of Jeong-do Management
Through Jeong-do management, LG creates practical results and values with the confidence to win the competition.
  • Integrity
    Work openly according to
    principles and standards.
  • Fair Trade
    Provide equal opportunities and
    fair treatment in every transactional relationship.
  • Fair Competition
    Develop competencies in which
    we can fairly win the competition.