LG Way
We believe that becoming the market leader is the right way to meet with our customers.
LG Way has LG's unique management philosophy that is providing guidance to our LG employees.
We believe that through LG Way we can achieve the ‘No. 1 LG’ vision through ‘Jeong-do Management,’ which is rooted in the management principles of Customer-Value Creation and People-Oriented Management.
No.1 LG - Vision: LG's ultimate goal is to become the 'No.1' that is recognized in and will lead the market.
          Jeong-do Management - Behavioral Mode : LG's unique behavioral mode based on ethical management that enables capability development and fair competition
          Customer-Value Creation, People-Oriented Management - Management Principles : The fundamental organizational principles guiding LG from its foundation
LG, a company that is scared of
and admired by other competitors
Become part of a competitive company that competitors want to learn from
by delivering an excellent performance through No. 1 management.
LG Way 1
LG Way 2
LG, a trustworthy brand
Earn recognition as the no. 1 brand
by impressing customers with high quality and brand value.
LG, the most attractive investment
Get recognized as the no. 1 investment
with sustained high returns.
LG Way 3
LG Way 4
LG, a workplace that talents aspire to work
Create the no. 1 workplace where top talents
work happily with a sense of ownership.