Management Principle
LG's management principles embraces ‘Creating Values for Customers’ and ‘People-Oriented Management’ as the company's main operating principles. LG U+ puts customers first and respects the creativity and autonomy of its employees.
  • Customer-Value
    Customer first
    • Think of customers as the top priority—the starting point of management.
    • Make decisions with emphasis on the end-user.
    Delivery of substantive value
    • Be one step ahead in finding latent customer needs.
    • Provide the best products and services that exceed customer expectations.
    Innovation-driven creation
    • Come up with differentiated ideas that step ‘outside the box.’
    • Always look for and practice better methods and practices.
  • People-Oriented
    Creativity and self-management
    • Break free from conventional ways to pursue new ideas and think outside the box.
    • Take ownership in all matters and take initiatives.
    Respect for human dignity
    • Respect diversity and dignity of individuals.
    • Consider employees, the source of customer-value creation, as the most important asset.
    Development and display of competencies
    • Work and develop competencies with the confidence of becoming the no. 1 in the world.
    • Provide the opportunity for individuals to demonstrate their potentials to the maximum.
    Performance-based reward
    • Set a challenging goal and make sustained achievements.
    • Evaluate and compensate fairly to reflect short- and long-term achievements.