Customer Satisfaction

We provide various tailored services using our state-of-the-art AI recognition technology based on big data and constantly improve customer experience
through customer data analysis. By conducting assessments on service satisfaction, platform scalability, and network quality, we endeavor to improve
the overall service quality.
In particular, we proactively implement quality control under various conditions that IPTV customers may experience.
We are addressing customers' grievances in their shoes to offer easier-to-use, customer-tailored services, and high-quality content.

Fast Data Processing Speed

LG U+ has supplied the equipment to secure ground coverage in six metropolitan cities and 78 small- and medium-sized cities and 5G coverage in major buildings and multiuse
facilities in the metropolitan cities. Also, it is working on the ground coverage expansion and the equipment installation in major buildings, multiuse facilities, and new buildings.

Traffic Processing Capacity

Traffic Management Capability : Capacity for Wireless Communication Circuits (Number of Circuits, 10,000 people), Annually processed data traffic (volume of annually used data, TB)
Classification Unit data for 2020
Capacity for Wireless Communication Circuits
(Number of Circuits)
10,000 people LTE 1,828
5G 400
Total 2,228
Annually processed data traffic
(volume of annually used data)
TB LTE 1,411,379
5G 398,947
Total 1,810,326

Electromagnetic Radiation Management

LG U+ continuously keeps its customers healthy and safe.
In compliance with the Radio Waves Act, we regularly measure and check the intensity of electromagnetic waves. As a result of the measurement,
99.9% of our stations earned the 1st grade, which is lower than the exposure limit recommended by international standards (41‒61 V/m).
In addition, we have been trying to eliminate misunderstandings or concerns about electromagnetic radiation by having a group of observers and providing
sufficient information when measuring the intensity of electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetic Radiation Measurements of Wireless Stations (Number of cases)*

2018's(number of measurements:9,458, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%), 2019's(number of measurements:13,811, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%), 2020's(number of measurements:35,763, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%)

Quick Response to Communication Disruptions

LG U+ prevents communication outages by regularly inspecting the facilities and eliminating risk factors in advance.
Equipped with a 24/7 monitoring and response system, we can promptly restore the system in the event of any failure.
During the national or public holidays, when traffic soars, we run a ‘special program to respond to increased traffic’ to ensure stable service provision for our customers.

Disruption Response Teams

In the event of a failure, share solutions and failure measures through the support team and recovery team, report the accident countermeasure team and the situation team, and report the reported contents to the crisis control tower

Customer-Centric Counselling Services

We provide a service that answers customers' inquiries about mobile and home services at once and manages their family's communication lifestyle by household.
Furthermore, we strive to understand and sympathize with our customers and solve their problems. To this end, we always listen carefully with respect for our customers.

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.