Environmental Management

LG U+ has been trying to minimize the negative impact of businesses on the environment.
According to ‘Green Way,’ which is LG's vision of environment, we aim to create new environmental values, focusing on the three management goals: ‘Create a green workplace,’ ‘Explore green businesses areas,’ and ‘Develop new green products.’ Accordingly, we take the initiative in environmental management by increasing investment in ‘new green technologies and processes,’ conducting low-emission projects, and developing eco-friendly ICT technology.

Vision:Green Way, Top Three Management Goals:Green Workplace, Green Business Areas, New Green Products, Invest in R&D and Equipment:Invest in new green technologies and processes, Constantly improve the portfolio:Expand the business areas with low greenhouse gas emission, Actively develop green products:Develop products with high energy efficiency, Invest in new green business areas:Invest in energy, living eco, and healthcare fields, Enhance green partnerships:Support partners with a green management system

Environmental Management Teams

We run an executive-level ESG working committee under the Board of Directors and newly established safety, health, and environment divisions to pursue
environmental management.
These divisions receive reports on and manage the outcomes of environmental management activities, such as eco-friendly safety management system
operation, eco-friendly waste management, energy-saving and greenhouse gas emissions for each wired and wireless equipment, and company-operated store,
and responses to the initiatives on sustainability.

ESG Committee under the Board of Directors - Executive-Level ESG Working Committee - Safety/Health/Environment - Safety Management and Planning Team:Operation of an eco-friendly safety management system, Reuse and minimization of waste, Energy Management Team & IDC Project Operation Team:Assessment of greenhouse gas emission for each wired or wireless equipment, Energy saving for the IDC and network equipment, Development of low-power electrical equipment, Consumer Sales and Planning Team:Assessment of energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission for each directly run store, Policy-Making Team:Management of energy-saving and greenhouse gas emission across the entire company, Response to the initiatives on sustainability such as CDP

Eco-Friendly Water Resource Management

LG U+ has adopted a groundwater recycling system to its Yongsan Office building to manage water resources efficiently and is eco-friendly.
The system is equipped with a reprocessing facility that recycles groundwater as drinking water, potable water, and heavy water.
As for drinking water, water quality tests are regularly performed.

Legal Waste Disposal

In 2020, LG U+'s waste recycling rate of wastes subjected to licensing exceeded the target of 95%. In 2021, we set our goal at 95% once again and have been performing
various activities to reduce waste and improve recycling.
To properly dispose of industrial waste (waste wires, communication equipment, etc.), we select a company in charge of waste disposal by applying strict standards.
All the waste is handled and disposed of by the recycling company in legal and eco-friendly ways.

Response to Climate Change

To respond to the climate crisis, LG U+ strives to use more renewable energy in the communication network facilities and data centers and save energy.
Pyeongchon Mega Center, one of our representative IDC centers, uses solar panels and the geothermal pump system to generate renewable energy.
Furthermore, we have been trying to introduce and expand renewable energy throughout our communication businesses, such as increasing solar-powered
LTE base stations in mountainous and island areas.

  • Geothermal pump system
    at the IDC (Pyeongchon Mega Center)
  • Solar panels at the IDC
    (Pyeongchon Mega Center)
  • Solar panels on the rooftop of
    the Yongsan Office building

Participation in International Initiatives

To address climate change and pursue sustainability, LG U+ joined in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and has disclosed climate change response strategies,
greenhouse gas emissions, and reduction efforts every year.
In the 2020 assessment, it was listed on ‘Carbon Management Sector Honors,’ awarded to the top five companies across different sectors in Korea.
LG U+ also proved that it is an excellent company in terms of carbon management because it was listed on the ‘Sector Honors’ from 2014 to 2020 for seven consecutive years.

  • CDP로고

    ‘Sector Honors’ for carbon management for seven consecutive years

  • 2018년 A-, 2019년 A, 2020년 A

    Climate Change Korea (Carbon Management Sector Honors)

Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Policy

LG U+ announces thar safety, health, and environmental management is the priority of all management activities and will act on its corresponding duties and obligations to ensure comportable and safe workplaces, thereby striving for all employees' and local communities' safety and health.
1. We will build safety, health, and environmental management systems and prioritize the improvement of workers' and stakeholders' safety, health, and environmental well-being in all stages of business and activities and the preventive actions against accidents and pollution.
2. We will set detailed safety, health, and environmental goals and enhance the safety, health, and environmental management system through periodic implementation reviews.
3. We comply with international agreements, statutes, and regulations, including all safety, health, and environmental provisions, and publicizie the results to stakeholders.
4. We will systematically educate and train workers and stakeholders to achieve our safety, health, and environmental policy and goals.
5. We will prioritize safety and health ahead of all work and cutivate a safety culture in all organizations.
March 12, 2021. CEO Hwang Hyeon Sik

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.