Fair Trade

LG U+ strives to play a leading role in establishing a fair corporate culture.
We promote a sense of law-abidance and ethical awareness in employees in order to establish a fair transaction culture within the company, as well as paving the way for a transparent and orderly trade order by preemptively preventing the possibility of violations of fair trade laws.

Introduction to the Fair Trade Compliance Program (CP)

The Compliance Program (CP) refers to an in-house self-operated compliance system that offers education and supervision regarding laws related to fair trade, LG U+ is currently operating a compliance program that follows the compliance guidelines.

Components of the Fair Trade Compliance Program(CP)

Current status of the operation of the Compliance Program(CP)

LG U+ has been operating the Compliance Program(CP) since 2008 with active support from management. Through consultation with the Fair Competition Federation, LG U+ is striving to effectively operate the Compliance Program(CP) by trying to prevent the risk of violation of laws and regulations on fair trade through fair trade risk assessment, organization of departments dedicated to compliance, preparation of operational rules of compliance program, education on compliance program, prior business negotiation system, internal reporting system, and disclosure of operational status.

CP operation regulations Download

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.