Fair Trade

LG U+ helps and encourages its partners to create a virtuous cycle where large enterprises and small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can grow together.
We offer technological and financial support to enhance the competitiveness of our partners and closely communicate with them.
Meanwhile, our partners acquire new technologies and improve their competencies to offer high-quality services and products.

Fair Trade Principles for Partners


  • ① LG U+ selects its partners in a transparent and fair manner.
  • ② LG U+ follows all the necessary procedures for fair trade.
  • ③ LG U+ strictly avoids unfair trading practices through a purchase system.
  • ④ LG U+ signs an online contract for every purchase.
  • ⑤ LG U+ uses the standard contract form.


  • ① LG U+ does not prevent its partners from doing business with its competitors.
  • ② LG U+ does not unfairly delay, reject, or return the delivery.
  • ③ LG U+ does not make a payment in kind.
  • ④ LG U+ does not unfairly leak the intellectual or personal properties of its partners.
  • ⑤ LG U+ does not make a doubled contract or ask for special conditions.

ESG Management in Supply Chain

To build a sustainable supply chain network, LG U+ conducts an ESG screening when making a contract with its partners.
Furthermore, when signing a purchase agreement with its partners, LG U+ only used the standard contract form so that it can comply with the CSR and ESG Codes
of Conduct across seven different fields, such as labor, labor-management relations, safety, environment, fair trade, personal information, ethics, and human rights.

Article 37 (CSR Code of Conduct)
  • 1. The “Contractor” and its employees shall comply with the following terms to create a safe working environment, respect workers, and run a business in an eco-friendly and ethical manner
    in the signing, implementation, and maintenance of this contract:
    • 1-1. The Contractor shall receive labor in compliance with labor-related laws, labor-related practices, collective agreements, employment conditions, working conditions, etc.
    • 1-2. The Contractor shall not violate workers' rights to organize, bargain, and act collectively.
    • 1-3. The Contractor shall eliminate physical risk factors or safety hazards to comply with the laws and regulations on industrial safety, perform administrative tasks accordingly,
      and take preventative measures, such as industrial safety training.
    • 1-4. The Contractor shall minimize the negative impact of a business on the environment and local communities by handling waste in a legally appropriate manner based
      on the environmental standards or relevant laws.
    • 1-5. The Contractor shall put ethical management into practice by ensuring fair trade, protecting intellectual properties, maintaining whistleblower confidentiality,
      and protecting personal information.
    • 1-6. The Contractor shall always monitor and respond to customers' demands.
    • 1-7. The Contractor shall fulfill its legal, financial, and ethical responsibilities for directly or indirectly involved stakeholders who may or get affected by other corporate activities.
  • 2. The “Contractor” and its employees shall comply with the codes of conduct outlined in this Article. If any violation occurs, “U+” shall be notified immediately.
  • 3. If the “Contractor” entrusts (delegates or subcontracts) the task to a third party pursuant to this Agreement, the “Contractor” shall inform the third party of the details of this Article and
    sign a contract or take other necessary measures so that the third party will comply with the Article.

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.