Human Rights Management

LG U+ respects its employees and treats them fairly based on their competence and performance. It follows the ‘people-oriented management’ principle to ensure that its employees can remain creative at work.
We also apply these principles to all the stakeholders including customers, partners, and local communities to promote human rights in the business setting.

Human Rights Policies

  • Customers

    • Protect privacy.
    • Protect customer information.
    • Ensure the rights to receive
      equal services.
    • Ensure fair trade that respects
      consumer rights.
  • Partners

    • Pursue fair trade.
    • Take a win-win approach.
    • Help partners pursue human
      rights management.
  • Employees

    • Don't discriminate.
    • Ensure equal opportunities.
    • Respect the freedoms of
      assembly and association.
    • Create a safe workplace.
    • Respect working conditions.
  • Local Communities

    • Protect the human rights of
      the local community members.
    • Achieve transparency when
      disclosing information.
    • Protect the environment.

LG U+ respects human dignity and the right of our clients, corporate partners, employees, and all stakeholders to pursue happiness.
We will also achieve sustainable development for mutual coexistence through principled management, competing fairly based on our merits.

LG U+ publicly supports the United Nations' (UN) Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Ruggie Framework, the Convention on the Rights of the Child,
the UN Global Compact's (UNGC) Ten Principles, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's (OECD) Guidelines For Multinational Enterprises,
and the International Labor Organization's (ILO) prescribed working conditions.

We also promise to adhere to the labor and human rights provisions of all states where we operate. If this policy conflicts with international guidelines or relevant domestic laws,
we will abide by the stricter principles and standards.

This commitment applies not only to LG U+ but equally to corporate partners, customers, and all local community stakeholders.
LG U+ practices a human rights management policy that evaluates and improves all human rights factors arising from management activities and provides complaint
and remedy procedures for human rights violations.

1. Duties and Obligations for Customers' Human Rights
1-1. Privacy Protection
Only necessary customer information, as valued customer assets, is required.
The use of information acquired for business purposes is strictly limited to protect customer privacy.
1-2. Customer Information Protection
We take all technical and physical measures to protect customers' personal information.
1-3. The Right to Receive Equal Service
All customers receive equal service regardless of region, disability, or social status.
1-4. Fair Trade with Consumers
We protect consumer rights and extend our best efforts to provide accurate information and prevent unfair trade.
2. Duties and Obligations for Corporate Partner Employees' Human Rights
2-1. The Pursuit of Fair Trade
We do not misuse our dominant position by forcing unjust demands or transaction terms on corporate partners.
2-2. Relationships of Coexistence
Corporate partners are LG U+'s fellow travelers; our goal is shared growth.
2-3. Human Rights Management of Corporate Partners
We contribute to the expanded human rights management of all corporate partners that transact with LG U+.
3. Duties and Obligations for Employees' Human Rights
3-1. Prohibition of Discrimination
We do not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, political views, social background, school ties, etc.
We strive for all employees to enjoy equal rights and freedoms in all areas, including politics, economy, culture, and everyday life.
3-2. Fair Opportunity
There is a zero-tolerance policy for race- and gender-based discrimination in opportunities.
We provide fair compensation and opportunities based on individual abilities and performance.
3-3. The Freedom of Assembly and Association
We guarantee employees' rights to assembly and association without risk of retaliation or threats.
We do not disadvantage employees for participating in justified collective bargaining.
3-4. Safe Working Conditions
We guarantee employees' rights to work in safe and comfortable conditions.
We comply with prescribed working hours and just remuneration standards for extended working hours in the countries where we operate, subsidize social insurance,
and provide varied benefits and welfare.
3-5. Labor Conditions Compliance
We prohibit labor by children under the minimum employment age as determined by the countries where we operate.
We do not pressure workers to work against their will.
We do not keep identification or documentation amounting to such that could restrict worker freedom.
4. Duties and Obligations for the Human Rights of State and Local Community Members
4-1. Local Community Human Rights
We will undertake the appropriate compensation if an impact assessment finds that we negatively affected local community members' human rights.
Local communities are part of the corporate community, and we actively invest in our mutual prosperity.
4-2. Information Transparency
We promptly provide shareholders and investors with needed information and ensure transparency with accurate accounting information.
4-3. Environmental Protection
We extend all efforts to protect the environment of all state and local communities where LG U+ operates.
December 2020 LG U+

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.