Information Protection

LG U+ manages service infrastructure in accordance with international security standards to prevent the infringement of customers' personal information.
It has acquired the ISMS-P certification, which is the integrated information protection and personal information protection certification system,
for the first time among communication service providers.
LG U+ has also acquired ISO 27001, which is the international information protection certification for the 5G base station operation and management system
and key equipment for providing 5G service.
  • An Integrated Certification that Combines
    Information Security and Personal Information Security Systems

  • Information Security Management System Certificate

Network Security

To ensure network security, LG U+ has adopted post-quantum cryptography to networking devices exclusively for customers for the first time in the world.
The same technology has been applied to the Digital New Deal Project and new application services.
Furthermore, we are capable of monitoring DDoS attacks and protecting networks 24/7 for 365 days. Furthermore, we expanded the relevant facilities to respond
to large-scale DDoS attacks and completed the advancement of the defense system for IPv6-based DDoS attacks.

Customer Services Using LG U+'s Security Technology

  • PC Security (E-DLP)

    A service that prevents information leakage by
    encrypting or deleting files containing personal
    information on a PC and blocking the connection to
    external storage devices

  • Personal Information Package

    A service that diagnoses the weaknesses of a PC and
    offers a free personal information security solution

  • Data Encryption

    A data security service that encrypts all kinds of
    corporate information that range from database to
    regular files

  • Document Security (eDRM)

    A cloud-based document security service that encrypts a company’s confidential documents, images, layouts, etc.

  • U+ Cloud Security

    A next-generation security service for branches that are
    more vulnerable to Internet attacks than Headquarters

  • APT Response Solution

    An APT attack monitoring and blocking solution
    developed in collaboration with FireEye, the No. 1
    cybersecurity company in the world

Damage Prevention Guidelines for Consumers

The guide for preventing damages that may occur to customers while they are using their mobile phone and network service is provided on our home page,
and detailed information regarding how to deal with the installation of malignant codes, lure of signing up a fake website, and the impersonation of a financial institution,
as well as how to report when actual damage occurs, is provided, contributing to the prevention of such damage to our customers.

User Security Performance Assessment

We conduct company-wide activities to improve the ‘Pain Points’ of our customers by listening to and promptly analyzing their voices and immediately share the result
with customers and fields. Thanks to such efforts, LG U+ has obtained a ‘Very Excellent’ grade both in the mobile communication and ultrahigh-speed Internet sectors
in the ‘User Security Performance Assessment on Telecommunication Service Providers’ conducted by the Korea Communications Commission.

  • Grade : ‘Very Excellent’

    2020 User Security Performance Assessment on Telecommunication Service Providers

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.