Jeong-do Management

LG U+practices Jeong-Do management to develop competencies in which it can fairly win the competition according to principles and standards.
In particular, we are continuously doing our best to achieve our vision to become ‘No. 1 LG’ by practicing ‘Jeong-do Management’ through ‘customer-value
creation’ and ‘people-oriented management.’

Vision : No. 1 LG, Code of Conduct : Righteous Management, Management Philosophy : Customer-value creation and people-oriented management, Three Elements of Righteous Management - Honesty : LG maintains transparency in the workplace based on principles and standards., Fair Treatment : LG pursues equal opportunities and fair treatment in every trading relationship., Competence-Based Fair Competition : LG develops competencies to play fair and win

Jeong-do Management Organization

LG U+ operates a group of teams to fulfill its duties and responsibilities for its customers, ensure fair trade and competition, help our employees follow ethical principles, and make
contributions to employees, the country, and society.
Our Jeong-do Management consists of the Ethics Bureau, and Management Diagnosis Teams 1, 2, and 3.
The Ethics Bureau operates report channels and carries out investigations based on the reports, diagnoses project directing and compliance analysis, and conducts education, public relations, and consultations on Jeong-do Management. The Management Diagnosis Teams conduct diagnosis and provides consultation regarding competitiveness for each department and business.

Audit Committee Under the Board of Directors - Righteous Management Teams - Office of Ethics : Inspection of non-compliance with the terms and principles, Diagnosis of plans and life cycles, Managing a whistleblowing hotline (Sinmungo), Provision of training on the righteous management and establishment of the culture of righteous management, Management Diagnosis Teams 1 and 2 : Regular evaluations on division or business area’s performances, Diagnosis of plans and life cycles, Management Diagnosis Team 3
- Diagnosis of DX, Infra Build and perform, Build of Regular inspection system

Promotion of Jeong-do Management

LG U+ periodically carries out education targeting our executives and staff members to spread Jeong-Do Management and remind them about its importance.
Such Jeong-Do Management–related education includes the principles of Jeong-Do Management for each job category and rank and Jeong-Do Management cases and risks
in case of violation in addition to the contents regarding corruption prevention and fair transaction.

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.