Local Communities

LG U+ follows its vision to use information and communication technology (ICT) to connect people and make the world a better place through sharing.
It has been making social contributions, not only as a one-time activity but also with great sincerity, to create a world where we live together with the socially
marginalized and local communities.
We aim to create a sustainable and warm society with four core values in mind: ‘Sharing Life,’ ‘Free, Convenient Life,’ ‘Safe Life,’ and ‘Green Life.’

LG U+, a Kindhearted Company with Stories Worth Sharing

  • Sharing Life

    Share activities to grow and coexist
    with various stakeholders

  • Free, Convenient Life

    Plan and operate ICT-using services
    and related activities for customers'
    convenient life

  • Safe Life

    Social contributions related to services
    that solve social issues of safety

  • Green Life

    Eco-friendly projects in response
    to climate change

CSR Partnerships and Communication with Local Communities

We actively build partnerships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to effectively make social contributions and spread love to the neighbors.
By regularly communicating with NGOs to fulfill the needs of local communities, we have been making contributions to society as necessary.

CSR Programs for Employees

We actively support various social contribution activities so that more employees can voluntarily engage in sharing activities across different fields.

CSR Programs for Employees : Program, Description
Program Description
Paid Volunteer Time Off Employees are eligible for paid volunteer time off up to eight hours a year.
Coverage for Volunteer Program Costs The costs are covered when a group of three or more employees volunteers together.
Coverage for Volunteer Program Supplies The items required for volunteering, such as a vest and apron, are provided.
Sharing Mileage Employees can claim sharing mileage based on the number of hours they spend volunteering.
Based on their cumulative mileage, they may win a CSR gift.

Contributions to Local Communities

  • Overcoming the
    COVID-19 Crisis
    Free meals for children from low-income families in Yongsan-gu
    LG U+ made a group purchase of eco-friendly agricultural products from the farmers who used to be the suppliers of ingredients for school meals and are now in the financial crisis because of COVID-19 and the postponement of face-to-face classes. Furthermore, it also provided free meals and snacks to children, from low-income families in Yongsan-gu, who skip meals or are now at risk of malnutrition because of the closing of childcare facilities until the school semester began.
    Cell phones for health-care professionals in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do
    LG U+ offered 100 cell phones for health-care professionals in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do who have been working hard to prevent
    COVID-19 from spreading. All the cell phones have been successfully delivered and used to manage the confirmed cases for COVID-19
    or give consultations in emergencies.
    Reduced phone service charges for SOHOs
    LG U+ reduced phone service charges for SOHOs that suffered financially or were forced to
    shut down for a long time because of the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Supporting the
    Socially Marginalized
    New Budget Phone Plan Eligible for Charitable Contribution Deduction
    LG U+ launched a new budget phone plan named ‘Windmill of Hope’ in which 10% of the monthly phone charges are automatically donated to the Korean Red Cross in the customer's name. The donation will be used for COVID-19-related humanitarian aid or the socially marginalized.
    Customers, who subscribe to the plan, can deduct the amount of donations in one year on a year-end tax return.
    U+ House of Hope
    LG U+ carried out a volunteer home remodeling event named ‘U+ House of Hope’ in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Korea so that our neighbors from the lower classes can stay warm in winter. Since 2018, LG U+ has been raising executive funds each year with the participation of all the executives. In 2020, it successfully renovated the women’s dormitory at International Mongolia School in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul,
    and two houses in Mapo-gu, Seoul, whose residents suffer from dementia and mild cognitive impairment.
  • Protecting and
    Conserving Biodiversity
    Ecosystem Restoration
    To reduce carbon emissions and restore the ecosystem, LG U+ carried out an event named ‘U+ Tree of Hope’, in which 300 transplanted acorn seedlings were grown by its employees in Noeul Park, Sangam-dong, Mapu-gu, Seoul. About 300 employees have grown acorn seeds into seedlings about 20 cm tall from November 2020 for 100 days. These trees will be moved once again to a nearby forest two years after being taken care of by the ‘Friends of Noeul Park.’
    Campaign to Raise the Awareness of Stray Animals
    LG U+ carried out a social media campaign ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ on their official Facebook and Instagram channels for a month in September 2020.
    It was a participatory campaign in which 100 g of feed will be donated every time a customer leaves a comment. A total of 3,800 comments were posted, which resulted in about 400 kg of feed being donated to KARA, a shelter for stray animals.
    XR Content to Protect Endangered Species
    LG U+ collaborated with the WWF for the preservation of endangered species. Along with the campaign, it also created XR content to increase awareness about the importance of protecting endangered animals, climate change, and environmental pollution.
    A total of 16 endangered species, such as the Siberian tiger, Madagascan big-headed turtle, and golden snub-nosed monkey, are the main stars who share their story in the VR/AR content. The content is provided to U+ subscribers for free.
  • Using ICT to
    Close the Education Gap
    Childcare for Children in Yongsan-gu
    LG U+ provided free ‘U+ Chodeung Nara,’ smart tablets, Giga Internet, and Wi-Fi services for two years to 80 students of the Childcare
    Centers in Hyochang-dong and Yongmun-dong, Yongsan-gu. It has been striving to close the education gap by homeschooling those who
    have been heavily relying on after-school programs rather than regular education in schools since the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Tailored Childcare Project for the Marginalized Children in Seongnam-si
    LG U+ offered free ‘U+ Chodeung Nara’ and smart tablets for self-directed learning to 150 elementary school students who were
    considered Seongnam's marginalized group based on the social security big data collected by the Korea Social Security Information Service.
    Furthermore, it matched a university student volunteer with each of these students so that the children can find peace of mind through
    counseling and seek guidance on learning.
    Educational Project for Children from Military Families
    LG U+ provided free ‘U+ Chodeung Nara’ and smart tablets to children from military families who are forced to move around to fulfill their
    duties and often find it difficult to adapt to a new environment. Moreover, by adopting a remote communication system, it also matches an
    elementary school student as a mentee with a Korea university student volunteer as a mentor to provide contact-free learning services that
    involve tutoring, discussion on current affairs, foreign language learning, and career mentoring.

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.