Local Communities

LG U+ follows its vision to use information and communication technology (ICT) to connect people and make the world a better place through sharing.
It has been making social contributions, not only as a one-time activity but also with great sincerity, to create a world where we live together with the socially
marginalized and local communities.
We aim to create a sustainable and warm society with four core values in mind: ‘Sharing Life,’ ‘Free, Convenient Life,’ ‘Safe Life,’ and ‘Green Life.’

LG U+, a Kindhearted Company with Stories Worth Sharing

  • Sharing Life

    Share activities to grow and coexist
    with various stakeholders

  • Free, Convenient Life

    Plan and operate ICT-using services
    and related activities for customers'
    convenient life

  • Safe Life

    Social contributions related to services
    that solve social issues of safety

  • Green Life

    Eco-friendly projects in response
    to climate change

CSR Partnerships and Communication with Local Communities

We actively build partnerships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to effectively make social contributions and spread love to the neighbors.
By regularly communicating with NGOs to fulfill the needs of local communities, we have been making contributions to society as necessary.

CSR Programs for Employees

We actively support various social contribution activities so that more employees can voluntarily engage in sharing activities across different fields.

CSR Programs for Employees : Program, Description
Program Description
Paid Volunteer Time Off Employees are eligible for paid volunteer time off up to eight hours a year.
Coverage for Volunteer Program Costs The costs are covered when a group of three or more employees volunteers together.
Coverage for Volunteer Program Supplies The items required for volunteering, such as a vest and apron, are provided.
Sharing Mileage Employees can claim sharing mileage based on the number of hours they spend volunteering.
Based on their cumulative mileage, they may win a CSR gift.

Contributions to Local Communities

  • Support for the
    Expansion of Network Coverage in Rural Area
    We continue to expand the network coverage for residents in mountainous areas, islands, and remote villages where access is not readily achievable. In 2022, 129 other network dark zones in rural areas became covered.
    Communication Rate Reduction for Vulnerable Groups
    We are strengthening the activities to reduce the vulnerable groups’ burden communication service fees while being socially responsible by providing discounts to people with disabilities and basic livelihood security recipients.
    In 2022 the total fee reduction was KRW 308 billion, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year.
  • Creating Social
    Value Using ICT
    U+ Good Store Campaign
    LG Uplus runs the Good Store Campaign with MBC to spread social value.
    We find self-employed people who continue to do good and supply SOHO products such as the My Store Package.
    Conducting Dementia Prevention Program and Donating Tablet PC for Older Men of National Merit
    We provided tablet PCs and dementia prevention content to older men of national merit with a high risk of dementia.
    All persons of national merit with a high risk of dementia were targeted, and the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs sent them dementia prevention specialists.
    Improvement of Accessibility for People with Disabilities Using Heartwarming Technologies
    We continue to make an effort to increase the content accessibility for people with disabilities and improve inconvenience while using services.
    The Korean subtitles are provided for movies and dramas so that people with hearing impairments can watch them more conveniently.
    In addition to this improvement of the viewing environment, the customer center provides sign language consultation services using video calls.
  • Protection and
    Conservation of
    Conservation of Plant Diversity Using ICT
    We installed the U+ Smart Radar at the seed vault in the Baekdudaegan National Arboretum to preserve biodiversity.
    The U+ Smart Radar is the first service in Korea to detect security accidents and facility intrusions using radar in the 77GHz frequency band.
    The devices are installed at the seed vault’s entrance and archive, and the AI automatically detects the behavior and location of intruders and immediately notifies the manager.
    Protection of Endangered Animals
    LG Uplus’ employees volunteered to install Frog Ladders to protect endangered amphibians.
    The Frog Ladder Installation is a biodiversity conservation activity performed by the Korea Federation for Environmental Movements and U Plus.
    We have installed the ladders for the endangered wildlife species designated by the Ministry of Environment : Japanese tree frog, Seoul Frog, yellow-bellied tree frog, boreal digging frog, and a world endangered species, Hynobius yangi, in Siheung and Paju in Gyeonggi-do, Asan in Chungcheongnam-do, and Yangsan in Gyeongsangnam-do.
    Ecosystem Restoration
    As part of our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and restore ecosystems, the ‘U+ Hope Tree’ project transplanted 500 acorn saplings grown by employees to Noeul Forest in Sangamdong, Seoul.
    Also, 1,000 employees participated in the EM soil ball volunteer activity to restore the river ecosystem.
    The balls are made by mixing red clay and EM fermented liquid containing various beneficial microorganisms, such as yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and photosynthetic bacteria
  • Win-win Cooperation
    with Local
    Creating Social Value through 12-week Challenge
    In cooperation with the Ministry of National Defense, since September 2021, we have run the 12-week challenge program that develops self-directed learning skills for military family children on islands.
    They move frequently, and the islands usually do not have enough educational infrastructures.
    The 12-week challenge for military family children is a new type of social contribution activity combining education devices, LG Uplus’ unique education content, communication fees, and the self-directed learning tutoring program of 12 weeks, beyond simply providing education devices. Beyond passively using the donated tablet PC, the children
    Joint Fund for the Spread of ESG Management
    LG Uplus held the “Top 3 Telecommunication Companies ESG Fund Agreement Ceremony” to create an ESG fund with the major cell phone carriers.
    We fundraised KRW 10 billion, which will be invested in fostering promising startups with ESG technologies, such as carbon neutrality.

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.