Safety and Health

We comply with laws and regulations on safety and health, and the CSEO and the Real Estate / Safety Management Officer oversee the Safety and Health
Division and assign personnel in charge.
By doing so, LG U+ tries to create safe workplaces and a working environment while fulfilling its social and legal responsibilities concerning safety and health.

Health and Safety Management Policy

We declared the health and safety management policy to prioritize the life and safety of everyone, including our employees and suppliers, and to establish a safe work environment.

Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Policy

Health and Safety Management System

We comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and conduct a regular employee risk evaluation to understand the risks in the work environment.
Also, in the event of an emergency, the company-wide emergency response committee leads the risk management system to enable responsible departments to comply with prescribed reporting and implementation procedures and promptly take action.

CEO - CHO(Real Estate / Safety Management Officer) - NW Sector:NW Safety Management Team, Business Sector:Business Safety Management Team, Customer Service / Quality Innovation Center:Customer Service / Quality Innovation and Safety Management Team, Other Sectors (such as technology and sales):Safety Management and Planning Team

Health and Safety Activities

Health and Safety Management System Certification

LG has obtained the ISO45001 certification for occupational health and safety management systems from the International Organization for Standardization(ISO) and is operating on the same management system. Starting with the application of the ISO45001 certification at the Pyeongchon IDC Center in September 2021, the system has been adopted to the entire U+ business to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Management of Outdoor Work Sensitive Disease Group

We conduct prevention activities by applying the outdoor sensitive disease response guidelines for those at risk of health hazards caused by heat, cold, and fine dust.

  • Application of architectural structure and high efficiency energy solution optimized for outdoor air cooling from the design stage Recycling System

    Awarded Safety and Health Management System Certification

  • Environmentally friendly 'Sustainability' Center to use new and renewable energy

    ISO45001 Certification

  • Reduce power by increasing the temperature of cold water supplied from the refrigerating machine via the thermo-hygrostat.

    Outdoor Work Sensitive Disease Management Guidelines

Safety Experience Center

LG Uplus’ Safety Experience Center received a certificate of accreditation from the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency in June 2020, and a total of 2,294 (2,182 supervisors and operations technicians and 112 suppliers) completed safety experience training in 2021.
An experience-centered training curriculum has been operated, which aims to the improvement of safety awareness of LG Uplus’ employees and provides an opportunity to experience accident cases and risk factors.

Health and Safety Training for Employees

To raise the health and safety awareness of employees, we conduct health and safety training for our employees according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act.
Quarterly health and safety training, training for new employment, training for supervisors, and job training for health and safety manager are regularly conducted.

Health Promotion Program (Smoking Cessation Culture Leading Company)

In cooperation with an external smoking cessation support center, we implemented a smoking cessation program to help employees quit. Despite the difficult situation where in-person activities were restricted due to COVID-19, LG Uplus was selected as a Smoking Cessation Culture Leading Company by Seoul City for the active participation and success rate of contact-free programs.

  • U+ Safety Regulations

  • Smoking Cessation Culture Leading Company

For more details, please refer to LG U+'s Sustainability Report.