SIM Voice Top-up

You may top up the products that are currently in use.

You can top up the voice product, you are currently using, for outgoing calls and texts. Data only services, such as eSIM (Data Only) and Data SIM cannot be topped up

Should you need to top up the voice product you have been using, you may top up as much as you would like. this is not possible for Data SIM cards.

The product that has been used can only be extended within 3 days (72 hours) after the end time.

Voice top-up amount

VAT is included

20min 40min 60min 80min 120min 160min 200min
Price ₩5,500 ₩11,000 ₩16,500 ₩22,000 ₩33,000 ₩44,000 ₩55,000

Usage:Based on domestic calls