Purchase in-person at LG U+ airport counters

Advantages of LG U+ eSIM

  • After Purchasing from the LG U+ airport counter, you can immediately use it anytime, anywhere in Korea.
  • Data-based voice calls such as Voice Talk, FaceTime, We Chat, etc. can be enjoyed with our unlimited data.
  • Incoming calls and texts can be received free of charge. * This service may not be able to be used with all device models.
  • Voice and text can be topped up if you are using an iPhone.
  • Usage period can be extended anytime.

Usage price by period

*VAT is included
Usage period 5days
Price ₩27,500 ₩35,000 ₩38,500 ₩55,000 ₩60,500 ₩71,500 ₩99,000 ₩143,000
Reservation discount ₩25,000 ₩32,000 ₩35,000 ₩50,000 ₩55,000 ₩65,000 ₩90,000 ₩130,000
Voice top-up price
  • 5,500won
    (About 20 minutes)
  • 11,000won
    (About 40 minutes)
  • 16,500won
    (About 60 minutes)
  • 22,000won
    (About 80 minutes)
  • 33,000won
    (About 120 minutes)
  • 44,000won
    (About 160 minutes)
  • 55,000won
    (About 200 minutes)
  • ※ The Voice top-up price must be selected for purchasing eSIM (Data+Voice) service.
  • ※ Reservation discount price does not include the voice top-up price. The total amount is different according to the chosen Voice top-up price.
  • ※ The minutes of voice to-up is for domestic outgoing call in Korea.
  • ※ The text fee will be deducted from the Voice top-up price.

Outgoing call/text rates

*VAT is included
Sort Voice calls Texts
Domestic outgoing calls ₩4.4/sec
International outgoing calls Depends on the country
(Voice calls/Texts)
(This service may not be able to be used with all device models)
Data Unlimited

How to use

  • Step 1

    Visit the LG U+ customer center

    Find location >
  • Step 2


  • Step 3

    Use the service

How to set up an eSIM


settings > cellular > add cellular plan > QR code reading


Check if Your Device Supports eSIM

  • What is EID?
    EID (EMBEDDED IDENTITY DOCUMENT) is a serial number that is integrated into smartphones that are designed to support eSIM.
  • The service may not be available for the devices purchased oustide of South Korea depending on network condition.
    (※ eSIM cannot be used on Google Pixel, OPPO devices.)


  • You can’t purchase online, please purchase at the LG U+ airport counters
  • Scanning QR codes multiple times may limit downloading. If scanning or downloading is not possible, please contact customer support center at 010-3998-1004. (paid, free for U+ mobile phones.)
  • No refund after purchase.
  • Only country-unlocked phones that support eSIM can be used. Please check whether your device supports eSIM before purchasing.
  • This service can be used without having to remove the existing SIM from the device.
  • The usage period will be calculated from the point the data is used.
    * Example : If the 'eSIM(Data+Voice) 5days' was purchased on June 1 and data was used for the first time at 10 am on June 4, the service will be valid until 10 am on June 9.
  • You can set up eSIM while the Internet is connected.
  • Should you experience difficulties in using the service, please reach out via the chat service on our website or call the customer support center at 010-3998-1004 (charges apply / free when called from U+ mobile phones).
  • If you use up the daily provided 3GB of data, you can continue using an unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps of speed. 3GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM.
  • Payments for voice top-up and extension is non-refundable.
  • You cannot use Identity Verification service with LG U+ eSIM.
  • If you delete the downloaded eSIM, you cannot recover it. If there is a problem, please do not delete it and contact customer support center at 010-3998-1004. (paid, free for U+ mobile phones.)
  • The download eSIM can not be moved to another device.
  • The maximum number of purchases per passport is 3
  • Passport information and photo registration are required when purchasing. In the case of an ID card other than a passport, the use may be restricted when authenticating.
  • If you use it for purposes other than personal use, such as illegal spam calls or advertisements, it will be restricted from using it.